Five Steps to Speaking So Others Will Listen

conversation-2302064_1920  I recommended listening before talking because it is more likely someone will listen to you after they feel understood. Starting with empathic listening is no guarantee, however, that the other person will be able to hear your message. By using this 5 Step Respectful Assertion Process for delivering your message you increase the odds that you will be heard and understood. Continue reading

Communicate with Care

spaceNo matter what we do in life, we spend a lot of time communicating.  Some of us are naturally more skilled at it than others. Whatever your natural skill level, you can improve your communication skills.  One way to improve your communication is to think about communicating with C A R E.

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SunsetDuring February our attention is drawn to love and relationships, and commercial messages may distort our view of what it means to love.  I’m not suggesting that it isn’t nice to receive candy and flowers, but here’s another perspective on what it means to LOVE.

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