The Coaching Process takes place in person or by telephone and is a safe place where you can fully explore your path to improved leadership.  Together we design how we will work together to maximize your personal and professional growth.

Often the process looks something like this:  We identify your core values which serve as a reference point for your decision-making.  You create a vision for your leadership, and then identify and fine-tune one or more key goals that you will work on.  As you work toward your goals, the coaching process keeps you focused, motivated and accountable for taking consistent forward action.  Because there is a natural resistance to change, you will learn ways to manage your resistance and stay on course.  Throughout the coaching, you develop enhanced self-awareness and learn skills that you will continue to use after the coaching has ended.

Coaching Packages

The right package is one customized to best support your particular needs.  Schedule a Free Transformation Consultation and together we can design your coaching package.  Or, you can choose from one of the sample packages below.  The duration of the coaching relationship is up to you.  Based on my experience, I suggest that you make a personal commitment to invest 3 to 6 months toward your development.

Monthly Retainer Package

  • Two 45-minute transformation coaching sessions per month, by phone or in person
  • Homework assignments designed individually

Six Month Relationship ReDesign Package

  • Discovery session
  • Two 45-minute sessions per month, by phone or in person
  • Personalized action steps
  • Unlimited email support
  • Review and feedback on preparation forms
  • Three emergency support sessions

Couples Relationship ReDesign Package

  • Six 60-minute sessions, each involving some education, exercises, and homework designed to increase relationship skills, to determine what can be changed and what can not, and to help make choices about your next steps to improve personal satisfaction with your relationships.

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