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I approach coaching with the philosophy that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. My clients don’t need fixing. They have a goal, issue, or project that they want to explore with someone who listens in a way that supports that exploration. Many find that as a result of coaching, they continue to grow and live fuller, more meaningful lives.

I started my career as a registered nurse, a time when nursing was more limited than it is today. After a few years, I moved to law and then mediation. In 2005, I returned to a second career in nursing, working in a hospital. From this vantage, I learned even more about interpersonal communication.

Observing unskillful communication reinforced my commitment to clear, compassionate communication.

In 2010, my ongoing desire to help others lead me to become a life and relationship coach. My coaching business, Relationship ReDesign, has evolved since then. Through coaching, I bring together all my skills and support my clients where they are, while they explore their good, true and beautiful nature, and take the next step on their precious life path.

In addition to my training as a nurse, lawyer, mediator, and life and relationship coach, my work is informed by Angeles Arrien’s Four Fold Way. Based on this work, I support clients to show up fully, to follow what has heart and meaning, to tell the truth without blame or judgment, and to be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.

I bring openness, clarity, curiosity, integrity, and compassion, and even humor to my work.

I first learned that listening is a skill, and about its incredible power, during my training and work as a mediator. For 25 years, I helped couples divorce with dignity through the mediation process. My role as mediator was one of educator, facilitator of communication, and promoter of non-coercive decision-making. During this time, I also worked as a professor of negotiation and mediation, and coached small groups of law students, lawyers, and judges in negotiation, mediation, and listening skills.

Many clients have expressed appreciation for my calm, steady presence, positive attitude, insightful questions, and honest, warm, dependable feedback. Most often, what stands out for them is the impact of deep, empathic listening, and the focus on clear, compassionate communication.

Undergraduate Education – UCLA BS 1971, Cum Laude
Law School – Southwestern University School of Law JD, 1977
Adjunct Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of the Law, 1994 – 2002
Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall, 1999 – 2002
Coaching Education:
Coaches Training Institute – CPCC, 2010
Center for Right Relationship – 2011