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As a certified, professional, co-active coach, Susan empowers her clients to show up fully, listen compassionately, assert respectfully, and manage conflict skillfully.

The Coaching Process takes place by telephone or via Zoom and is a safe place where you can fully explore your path to improved interpersonal communication.  Together we design how we will work together to maximize your personal and professional growth.

Often the process looks something like this:  With Susan’s support, you identify and fine-tune one or more key goals that you will address.  As you work toward your goals, the coaching process keeps you focused, motivated, and accountable for taking consistent forward action.  Because there is a natural resistance to change, you will learn ways to manage your resistance and stay on course.  Throughout the coaching, you develop enhanced self-awareness and learn skills that you will continue to use after the coaching has ended.

Are there conversations you avoid, or wish you handled better?

Do you get derailed by conflict?
Are there people you find difficult?
Do you avoid speaking up to offer your perspective?
Do you wish you could promote better collaboration?

With Susan’s support you will:

Manage conflict more artfully
Deal with difficult people more skillfully
Assert your position confidently and respectfully
Foster productive collaboration and creative problem-solving

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to find out if coaching with Susan is right for you.  During the call you will:

      • Create a sense of clarity about how you manage conflict
      • Discover your #1 block to better interpersonal communication
      • Know your next steps to become more effective with clear, compassionate communication.

Why not invest 30 minutes to see if Susan’s expert coaching can help you transform your interpersonal communication and improve your personal and professional relationships.