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Discovery Questions

Don’t take too long with this, just write what comes into your mind without censoring it.  If a question doesn’t have meaning for you, feel free to skip it.

    1. What do you really want at this time in your life?


    1. How would it impact your life if you got exactly what you want?


    1. If money, talent, and other resources were abundantly available to you, what would you be/do/have at this time?


    1. List five adjectives that describe you at your best. List five adjectives that describe you at your worst. What obstacles have you faced and how have you overcome them?


    1. If you could put one fear behind you once and for all, what would it be?


    1. On a zero to ten scale, rate the amount of stress you have in your life at present. What are your primary stressors?


    1. List several people, living or dead, who inspire you and why you are inspired by them. What are the top five things on your “Things to do Before I Die” list?


    1. Pretend that you are near the end of your life and people have gathered to honor you. What would you most like to hear them say?


  1. What else would you like me to know about you?