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Effective Communication Salon

October 13, 2020 Listening to Understand Register Here

The Effective Communication Salon is a facilitated Zoom gathering of people who want to improve interpersonal communication. Each monthly Salon will focus on a different skill related to effective interpersonal communication, a mindset that will help promote that skill, and a health and wellness tip to keep our minds and bodies ready for effective communication. You will receive a bit of instruction, and participate in a facilitated conversation.

You will leave with a renewed understanding of the month’s topic and ideas for improving your interpersonal communication.

Currently scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, starting in September 2020. You will receive the Zoom link once you have registered. Please direct any questions to coach@susankeel.net.

November 10, 2020 Asserting Respectfully Register Here

December 8, 2020 From Complaint to Useful Feedback Register Here

January 12, 2021 Re-framing Charged Messages Register Here