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“Susan is a compassionate and skilled consultant. I have found her blend of professional executive coaching with mindfulness based stress reduction and other wellness techniques to be incredibly appealing and effective. Just a few sessions with Susan have allowed me to increase my focus and productivity, while decreasing stress and becoming happier and healthier. The benefits for me, and by extension for those I supervise and work with at our non-profit environmental organization, have been dramatic. I urge you to give Susan a try.”

“Susan is remarkably skilled.  I have known her for thirty years, as a lawyer, a mediator, a nurse, and a coach.  I recently hired her to help me with my relationship with food, which as been an ongoing problem since I was pre-teen.  I’ve always carried extra pounds and tried everything to try and manage the issue.  I expected the work to be difficult.  Instead, Susan reframed the problem in our first few sessions, and we developed my own program, which I call eating moderately.  It’s fun and rather easy.  I lost fifteen pounds, but more importantly, I now feel like I’m not controlled by what I eat.  I feel grateful for my work with Susan and would recommend her as a coach to people who want to work on changing something in their lives.”

“I have known Susan for twenty years and in that time have worked with her in numerous contexts.  Susan possesses the emotional and intellectual intelligence required to help others in her role as coach.  In addition, Susan’s warmth and commitment help her to create a safe and accepting environment in which her clients can resolve their disputes and life issues effectively.  I wholeheartedly recommend Susan as a gifted teacher, and coach.”

Dana Curtis, Principal, Dana Curtis Mediation

“You helped me step back from my situation and create logical and positive steps to achieve my goal.  I was able to accomplish things that along I have been unable to.”

“You are a natural at coaching.  You used your experience as a mediator, your skillful listening and I felt supported exactly where I was.  Coaching with you was a real partnership.”

“Our ongoing conversations kept me grounded, and when fear and doubt clouded my thinking, you helped me adjust my attitude and re-focus to be productive.  I recognize how you pulled me out of negative thinking and helped me tackle the relevant issues,  Your compassion and genuine caring attitude are your most valuable talents.  Thank you.”

“It’s so powerful to have you just listen to me”

Susan is gracious, patient, professional, respectful and kind in her coaching voice. A variety of topics surfaced, and with Susan’s  expertise, experience and guidance, she assisted me in  navigating situations and circumstances to my comfort level.  I feel less stress within my body overall, everyday, and particularly in those situations and circumstances Susan and I worked through together. My life has been forever changed in ways I did not think possible. Thank you Susan.